Radiological Resin Processing Plant

5 Churchill Place – Canary wharf
December 30, 2016
Magnox Nuclear Power Station
October 21, 2016
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Radiological Resin Processing Plant


Magnox Nuclear power station


Design, Install, commission and maintain Smoke detection system for radiological resign retrieval plant and control room areas taking into account potential building flex, moving crane and the facility will be accessed by large vehicles.


Due to the height of the building standard heat detectors could not be used, an open area smoke imaging system (OSID) was designed and installed to minimise the risk of fault and false alarms, using 1 mains powered imager and 3 x battery powered (5 year battery life) we were able to overcome the issues that was presented to us.


Our installation has kept the costs down for the client and they have benefited from no faults or false alarms since the system was handed over.