Power and Generation

At ChannelFire, our engineers have extensive knowledge and experience of working in the power and generation sector. Our company has provided Fire Protection Services to nuclear powered, gas powered, combined heat power plants.

These installations require a unique approach to fire protection and this requires utilising a wide range of fire protection systems which typically would include:

  • Single and triple infra-red flame detector
  • Ultra violet flame detectors
  • Fenwal heat probes

These can be used to activate:

  • FFFP & AFFF fire fighting foam systems
  • Deluge systems
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) gaseous suppression systems

Many area’s within the Power and Generation sector have flammable hazardous zones, which are regulated by the Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmosphere Regulations (DSEAR). In these areas, devices are required to be intrinsically safe. In some instances, we would also recommend fitting toxic and flammable gas detection.

When ChannelFire offer their Fire Protection Services to the Power and Generation sector, our company and our engineers/ staff are all fully trained to have a high level of knowledge, understanding and compliance around the use of permits, safety processes, emergency procedures which are used within these highly hazardous environments.

Fire Detection

  • Addressable Systems
  • Vesda's
  • Gas Detection
  • Graphics Packages
  • Linear Heat Detection Cable
  • Conventional Systems
  • Flame Detectors