Channelfire engineers have experience in a wide range of industrial sites these include:


Fire protection systems used in airports vary and are dependent on the use of the building, for example:

Aircraft hangers have an array of detection devices, that would trigger foam cannons to deluge a multimillion-pound aircraft, in firefighting foam, in the event of a fire.

A main terminal building would have a network, addressable system that would be capable of evacuating the building either by fire bells/sounders or a dedicated Public Address and Voice Alarm (PAVA) system.

Chemical plants

ChannelFire engineers understand the challenges of working on chemical plants with the hazards and risks associated, inclusive to this industry. This is very similar to the power and generation sector with regards to the fire protection needs.

The chemical industry would typically require use of toxic and flammable gas detection systems. In some instances, oxygen depletion detection systems are useful to alert personnel, to a specific hazard identified on site.

Food processing plants

Some Food processing plants require bespoke fire protection systems, installed in stainless steel for maximum protection. The devices have a high IP rating; this is due to the plants personnel using pressure jet washes to clean the manufacturing areas of the factory.

Working on food processing plants requires knowledge of health and safety laws which are pertinent to the plant and use of specific personal protective equipment required for different locations on the plant site.


ChannelFire have experience working in factories. Our company understands the fire protection system used for factories has to be customised to suit the environment of the factory and the production within it.

Some of the hazards faced within factories, are extreme noise and moving machinery. Therefore, more emphasis is placed on visual alarm fire systems, for example, flashing beacons and rotating sirens. However, audible alarms are also used.

Mechanical Services

  • Sprinklers Service and Maintenance
  • Dry/wet Risers
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Water Mist Systems
  • Deluge System
  • Foam Systems
  • Pre-actions