Magnox Nuclear Power Station

Radiological Resin Processing Plant
November 28, 2016
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Magnox Nuclear Power Station


Magnox Nuclear power station


To interface a 1980’s multiplex fire alarm & detection system with a modern analogue addressable fire system. This was part of a project which enabled the site to de-man the main control room.


Advise, design and build a fire interface panel and interconnect with a new networked analogue addressable fire panel. The interface panel incorporated multiple I/O and Relay cards.

Multicore wiring was installed between the multiplex system and the interface panel and the I/O & Relay cards were interconnected with the addressable system. Fire alarm cause and effects were programmed for the interface according to customer needs. The new analogue addressable fire panel and I/O signals were also included onto the site addressable fire graphics package.


Customer saved cost by not having to replace the older system for a new analogue addressable system.