Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

At Channel Fire Systems we can provide a wide range of Conventional and Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm Systems to suit all types of premises from Homes of Multiple Occupancy to Industrial Complexes and multi building Commercial Sites.

Again our independence means we are not tied to a particular product and so we can genuinely offer our clients the best system for the premises. There are only a few so called “Closed Protocol” addressable panels that we cannot offer or maintain as most users are now specifying “Open Protocol” so they will not be tied to one supplier for future alterations and maintenance.

We can offer the complete range of all of the different types of Fire Detectors including Smoke Sampling Units, Beam Detectors, Linear Heat Detectors and Flame Detectors. We can also provide the full range of Visual/Audible Warning Devices including those for Hazardous Environments.

The scope of our range also includes compatible peripheral equipment such as Door Release Units, Water Leak Detection Systems, Corridor/Stairwell Electrical Vents, Oxygen Depletion Monitors for cylinder storage rooms and Fire Warden Control Panels.

All of our designs are in accordance with the latest regulations and we only offer equipment which meets the latest standards.

We recognise that there are many systems in use today that for one reason or another are not compliant with the latest regulations or building changes. We will be pleased to offer advice and recommend the best and most economical way to upgrade equipment.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

  • Conventional Point Smoke Detectors
  • Addressable Point Smoke Detectors
  • Beam Smoke Detectors
  • Linear Heat Detectors
  • Smoke Sampling Systems
  • UV Flame Detectors
  • IR Flame Detectors



There have been 26% accidental fewer fires then the decade before.

37% of fires are caused by misuse of equipment or appliances.

50% of fires are ignited by cooking appliances.

36% of fatalities from fires are ignited by smoking related materials.