Aspirating Smoke Detection

An Aspirating Smoke Detection System (ASD) is a highly effective tool for fire protection, it is a unique early warning system, capable of detecting fire at very early stage. The benefits for this system are invaluable: saving lives, property and money in an event of a devastating fire.

The Aspirating Smoke Detection systems greatest feature is; it can be programmable to be 500 times more sensitive than a conventional smoke detector.

ChannelFire uses the latest computer software to design and programme a bespoke system, for your company’s exact requirements. Once, the Aspirating Smoke Detection system is fully installed and running, it will provide you with the peace of mind, knowing your assets are fully protected from fire.

Channel Fire provide a reliable and professional service from start to finish, they recently designed, Installed and Commissioned two IG 55 Gas Suppression systems in under six weeks. Thank you and your staff for the hard work, we look forward to working with you again in the future.