Control Panels

At Channel Fire Systems we provide and maintain both pre-engineered and bespoke Fire Detection and Protection Control Equipment for both conventional “zonal” wiring and addressable “loop” wiring.

In addition to the Control Panels we can offer custom made floor layout repeat “Mimic” diagrams with “zonal” indicators. These mimics can be either in the form of reverse screen printed zone charts or a mosaic tile floor plan with indicators.

A number of the addressable control panels we provide have a secondary network which carries repeat signals to visual display units and printers for data logging.

Panels are also available which incorporate controls for extinguishant release and linking Fire Detection outputs to sprinkler systems to provide pre-action mode and valve position monitoring.

Our engineers’ experience covers a large number of the Control Panels installed to date which is why we can confidently offer routine maintenance and emergency call out for the vast majority of sites.

On our new installations, and systems we maintain, we provide User Training Sessions to ensure that the Client’s personnel are completely familiar with the operation and displays of the Fire System.